Don’t be a chicken – if you want to save a packet on international calls give Cheap Cheap a try.

Sometimes we’re all a bit of a chicken when it comes to trying something new. Like raw squid with cranberry sauce or hang gliding in your birthday suit, for example.

But with Cheap Cheap international calls there’s absolutely nothing to be scared about. Amazed by the shockingly low cost, maybe; startled by how easy it is, certainly. But frightened, absolutely not.

Look, this is all there is to it…

1: Go to the Cheap Cheap website and get the special Cheap Cheap number to ring for the country you’d like to call.

2: Dial the Cheap Cheap number and listen for a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.

3: Now carefully dial your usual full international number, including the international dialling code that begins with 00 (zero zero). That’s it!

5: On your next phone bill the call will simply appear as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first. Which is why you can use Cheap Cheap from phones where international calls are actually barred, too.

But of course, the price will be teeny tiny compared with what you’d pay to make the same call with BT.

Fowl play from BT?

Talking of BT, there’s a good chance that you’ll be saying, hmmmmm, where’s the catch? How can Cheap Cheap be soooo much Cheap Cheaper?

We do it by sending your international call round the Cheap Cheap internet system. In other words, your call avoids BT’s international network (with its outrageous charges) and is cheap cheap, instead of dear dear (which is precisely what people say when they see the cost of an international call from BT on their bill!).

What’s more, you can make these lovely Cheap Cheap international calls from your landline or from your mobile, and we don’t do silly tariffs where it’s more expensive at ten past five than it is at half past. With Cheap Cheap it’s cheap cheap, full stop.

And getting Cheap Cheaper too

We try and reduce the cost of calling even more as often as we can. This month, for example, a Cheap Cheap call to a mobile in Russia or Lithuania is now only 4p a minute.

And lots of places are even cheap cheap cheaper than that – most of Europe is just a penny away, same for the USA, Australia, China, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia Landlines and many many more.

To find out the very latest Cheap Cheap international call rates for the country you’d like to have a cheap cheap chat with, click here: Cheap Cheap Chat

Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month:

What do you call a Scottish parrot? 
A McCaw!

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