Here at Cheap Cheap we want you to get the cheap-cheapest international phone calls that we can possible rustle up. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to drop our fantastically low prices still further.

And this month, we’ve really excelled ourselves. Here are some of our brand-new May price reductions…

Barbados, down 20% to just 4p a minute
Angola mobiles, down to 6p a minute
Bahamas mobiles, down to 10p a minute
Bolivia, now 6p a minute
Chile, down to 1.5p
Colombia mobiles, reduced to 3p
Denmark mobiles, down to 6p
Egypt (Cairo) down to 4p
Fiji mobiles, down 5p to just 10p a minute
Indonesia (Jakarta) down to 1p
Ireland O2 mobiles, down to 7p
Jamaica now only 3p
Japan mobiles, down to just 7p
Kazakhstan, down to just 2p
Latvia, now under half price, just 1.5p
Malta, now just a penny a minute (like Cheap Cheap Calls to most of Europe)
Mexico now just 2.5p
Nepal 7p
Romania mobiles, down to 4p
Saudi Arabia mobiles, now just 7p
Slovenia, just 1p now
Venezuela mobiles now down to 4p

But don’t forget, calls to most of Europe and the USA are still just 1p a minute with Cheap Cheap.

Click HERE right now to see all our latest call prices.

And remember, you can use Cheap Cheap to chat chat from a landline, a mobile, a phone box—even from office phones where international calls are barred.

That’s because, when you call overseas with Cheap Cheap, you dial a special Cheap Cheap access number before you key in the international number.

This simply diverts your call around the Cheap Cheap internet network (thereby avoiding BT’s hugely expensive system) and you pay our super cheap cheap rates not BT’s super dear (oh) dear ones.

There are no PINs or passwords to remember, no accounts or signups—just Cheap Cheap calls to just about anywhere in the world.

Tell BT to cluck off!

Haven’t tried Cheap Cheap yet? Then jump in, right now. It’s so easy!

1: Go to the Cheap Cheap website to find the special Cheap Cheap access number to ring for the country you want to call

2: Dial the Cheap Cheap access number and you’ll then hear a voice asking you to dial your normal international number

3: Now dial the FULL international number. That’s INCLUDING the international dialling code starting with 00, (zero zero)

4: Talk for as long as you like. There are no weasely time limits on Cheap Cheap overseas calls.

5: Your call then appears on your normal bill as the Cheap Cheap number you dialled first ie not the international number you actually spoke to.

That’s all there is to it.

AND REMEMBER, UNLIKE BT, CHEAP CHEAP CALL RATES APPLY ALL DAY EVERY DAY! No wonder more and more sensible people all over the country are saying Cluck Off! to BT and choosing Cheap Cheap instead!

Click here to fly to the Cheap Cheap website to find out our latest prices.

Robin James
(Even our Managing Director’s a bird!)

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

What do you call a crate full of ducks?
A box of quackers, of course!

Got a better one (or a worse one!)? Send it in!

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