Those of you who like to follow the herd, or rather the flock, will no doubt be quite content to just do what most folks do. Quietly trog along behind everyone else and use BT for your overseas calls like you’ve always done.

But those of you with an eye for a bargain, those of you with a carefree joie de vivre and a skip in your step, those of you who like to do things YOUR way will of course be using Cheap Cheap instead.

Why? Not just because you want to be different, but because you want to save an absolute packet too.

Check out these international baaaa-gains

With Cheap Cheap, your overseas call can cost as little as 1p a minute—including calls to the US (that’s 14p a minute cheap cheap cheaper than BT), Australia, China and most of Europe.

But we try our very best to make our calls as cheap cheap as we possible can, and this month we’ve reduced our rates yet again this month to a whole pile of exotic destinations: Bermuda and Gibraltar are now just 2p a minute, Egypt’s down to 4p, Nepal’s down to 7p, Palestine’s down to 9p.

To see the latest Cheap Cheap rates click here now

And don’t forget to check back every now and then in case, as is quite likely, we’ve got even cheaper!

Ewe can try Cheap Cheap right now…

With Cheap Cheap, rest assured that there are no PINs to remember, no passwords, user-names, signups or any of that malarkey to concern yourself with.

Just cheap cheap calls, all day every day—even from your mobile or a landline where international calls are theoretically barred.

1: Go to Cheap Cheap (or click here) and get the special Cheap Cheap dial-around number to ring for the country you want to call

2: Dial our number as above. You’ll now hear a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number

3: Just key in the full international number including the international dialling code starting with zero zero as usual

4: The call will then appear on your next bill as the Cheap Cheap number you dialled first

For eggsample, to make a Cheap Cheap Call to Poland you just dial 0843 715 3333 then 0048 plus the local number.

BT gets the goat

Who can blame then when we undercut them by such giant amounts! We do it by redirecting all your international calls around the Cheap Cheap internet system.

This enables us to avoid paying for BT’s very expensive international phone lines, satellites, submarines, cream cakes, stretch limos and whatever else they spend your international call fees on—so we can charge you sensible, down-to-earth call costs from just 1p a minute to many, many destinations.

Click here for the latest ones

Robin James
Cheap International

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

What birds spend all their time on their knees?
Birds of pray!

(If you’ve got a better one, send it in and we’ll publish it in a newsletter.)

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