The nights draw in, the frost starts to settle, the geese form themselves into stately vees and head for the warmth of pastures new. Honk honk they cry, as if reminding us that, wherever in the world they’ll spend the winter, we can call them unbelievably cheaply with Cheap Cheap international calls.

What a delightful bunch of honkers

And talking of honkers, with Cheap Cheap you can call Hong Kong for just a penny a minute, even on your mobile. Compare this with the astronomical sum you’d pay with the big boys and it’s as plain as a goose’s nose that you’d be bonkers to call honkers with anyone but Cheap Cheap.

But it’s not just Hong Kong, this month we’ve slashed the cost of calls to mobiles and fixed lines all over the world.

Bahrain: fixed lines down to 1.5p a minute
Colombia: fixed lines down to 1.5p a minute
Croatia: calls to mobiles reduced by over 5p a minute
France: calls to mobiles down to 2.5p a minute
Ireland: calls to o2 and Vodafone mobiles down 2p
Kenya: calls to mobiles down 2p
Malaysia: calls to mobiles down to 1.5p a minute
New Zealand: calls to mobiles down another 1p
Portugal: calls to mobiles down to 4p
Sweden: calls to mobiles down to 2.5p a minute
Turkey: calls to mobiles down from 9p to 2.5p
Yemen: calls to mobiles reduced by 1p a minute

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So how do you do it? How do you make savings that are real stonkers when calling Honkers?

Take a gander

1: Nip over to the Cheap Cheap website and get the special Cheap Cheap number to ring for whichever country you’d like to call.

2: Next, just key in this Cheap Cheap number and listen out for a voice asking you to dial your normal overseas number.

3: Dial your usual full international number, taking care to include the FULL international dialling code that begins with 00 (zero zero).

On your next scheduled bill from your phone operator the Cheap Cheap call will simply appear as the Cheap Cheap access number—the number you dialled first.

And because the phone you used thinks you’re just dialling a UK number, you can use Cheap Cheap on phone lines where international calls are usually barred too.

Take me to the Cheap Cheap website now: click here

Duck out of the BT network

We’re able to bring you these stonkingly cheap international calls by ducking out of the BT international call system. Instead, when you dial the Cheap Cheap access number, we redirect your international call round the Cheap Cheap international internet system.

So we don’t have to pay the big operators big operating costs. And neither do you. It’s Cheap Cheap and it’s easy peasy—from your landline, your mobile or your office phone, 24/7.

Robin James
MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month:

Two pigeons look up and see a jet fighter streaking across the sky leaving a long vapour trail behind it. “Look how fast he’s flying!” says the first one. To which the second one replies: “You’d be flying that fast too if your tail was on fire”

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