Clucking hell! Can you really call all these countries for only a penny?

In a word: yep.

Unbelievable as it may indeed seem, thanks to some nifty negotiation Cheap Cheap can now offer all these international call destinations for just a penny a minute. Not a misprint: seriously, just 1p a minute, all day (and all night), every day gets you a phone call to any of this lot:

Argentina Austria Australia
Bahrain Belgium Brazil
Brunei Canada Chile
China Columbia Costa Rica
Cyprus Denmark Estonia
France Georgia Germany
Greece Hong Kong Hungary
Iceland India Ireland
Israel Italy Korea
Latvia Malta Malaysia
Mexico Morocco Netherlands
New Zealand Peru Poland
Portugal Romania Russia
San Marino Slovakia Slovenia
Singapore Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan Turkey
Venezuela USA

No tricks, no weasels, no hidden clauses or ‘special offer when you buy a Rolls Royce” stuff hidden deep into the small print. This is our new everyday call price for all these destinations, 24/7. You don’t even need an account, a password or a pin.

In fact, to call any of these super Cheap Cheap destinations for just a penny a minute all you have to do is dial a special Cheap Cheap access number just before you key in your normal international number.

Already a Cheap Cheap user? Make sure you use the NEW access numbers

If you’re already making monster savings on your international calls by using Cheap Cheap, please note that there are brand new access numbers for the destinations shown. Just whizz to our website by clicking here and update your address books, contacts and speed-dials to the new number to guarantee your 1p a minute calls.

But if you’ve yet to give us a whirl, here’s what you do:

1: Go to our website to find the Cheap Cheap access number for the country you want to call—just click the link at the end of these instructions

2: When you call it you’ll hear a voice asking you to key in your normal international number

3: Dial the FULL international number. So you have to include the international dialling code, too, exactly as you would normally. (This starting with 00, (zero So your number will start with 00.)

4: You can talk for as long as you fancy. There are no time limits to your Cheap Cheap call. However long you’re on for, you still pay just 1p a minute to the destinations shown above.

5: When you get your bill, you’ll see the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first, rather than the a international number you spoke to.

Click here to get your Cheap Cheap access number

How do we do it? Nothing magical (or illegal!). When you dial the Cheap Cheap access number, Cheap Cheap automatically redirects your international call around the Cheap Cheap internet network so you don’t have to pay the ludicrously expensive phone network rates charged by the big boys (like BT). You pay just a penny a minute, all day every day for as long as you like!

Robin James
Managing Director

The Cheap Cheap Totally Hilarious Bird Joke of the Month with an International Flavour to Celebrate our New 1p a Minute Rates

A Frenchman walks into a pub with a beautiful parrot on his shoulder. The barmaid asks, “Where did you get that from?”

The parrot says, “In France. There are millions of them over there!”

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