With international phone calls from a staggeringly superb 1p a minute, Cheap Cheap really is the cheap cheap way to chat chat chat with your family and friends all round the globe this summer.

Cheep Cheep is so cheap cheap because, simply by dialling our special access number, your international call is diverted round our internet network rather than using BT’s or any of the other giant (and giant-priced) networks.

You pay from 1p a minute and you can talk for as long as you want, any time of the day, any day of the week.

Tweat yourself

Here are just a few of the dozens of nations you can currently call for 1p a minute with Cheap Cheap Calls—and what you’d pay with BT:

Argentina—1p with us, 97p with them
Australia—1p with us 28.8p with them
Brazil—1p with us 101.8p with them
Canada—1p with us, 19.4p with them
Croatia—1p with us, 50.5p with them
Denmark—1p with us, 23.6p with them
Estonia—1p with us, 60p with them
France & Germany—1p with us, 22p with them
Hong Kong—1p with us, 13.5p with them
India—1p with us, 29.9p with them
Israel—1p with us, 63p with them
Latvia—1p with us, 60p with them
Malaysia—1p with us, 48.5p with them
New Zealand—1p with us, 37.2p with them
Pakistan—1p with us, 29.9p with them
Poland—1p with us, 32.5p with them
USA—1p with us, 18.3p with them

With Cheap Cheap Calls there are no PINs, passwords, user-names, signups or any of that stuff to remember. You just dial the Cheap Cheap access code before the international number you want to talk to and we do the rest.

1:Find the Cheap Cheap number to dial for the country you need to speak to. Click here to get started.

2: Dial the number and you’ll be asked to you to key in your full overseas number exactly as you normally would

3: This must include the 00 international dialling code

4: At the end of the call, just hang up. Remember you can talk for as long as you like without penalty

5: When you get your bill, the call will show as the Cheap Cheap access number you dialled first—not the international number you spoke to.

You can make a Cheap Cheap call from a landline or from your mobile—even on lines where international calls are theoretically barred. That’s because when we divert your call around our internet network, your phone (and phone company) thinks you’re just dialling an ordinary UK number (because you are!).

It’s easy peasy and it’s so much cheap cheap cheaper.

Robin James
Managing Director

The Fabulous and Extremely Hilarious Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

A chap goes to an auction to buy a lovely colourful parrot. He really wants it and keeps bidding higher and higher until he finally wins it—paying a lot more then he planned, but the beautiful bird is his at last. He goes up to the auctioneer to pay and says, “What a gorgeous parrot, do you know if he talks too?” “Of course he talks” says the auctioneer, “who do you think was bidding against you!”

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