We all love a bargain at Christmas.

Especially one where you’re saving 98%.

Nobody minds spending a bit at Christmas. But nobody likes getting ripped off either.

It takes the sparkle off your presents if you discover you could have bought them somewhere else for a fraction of the price you paid.

So if you’re planning on making an international call this Christmas – to a long-lost lover or much-missed mate – make sure you bag a bargain.

With Cheap Cheap you can call all round the world for a tiny fraction of what the big boys like BT will sting you for.

In fact, you can literally save a shocking 98% to some destinations!

For example, compared with BT’s weekday, working hours charge to call South Africa, using Cheap Cheap will save you 98%.

Now that’s what I call a Christmas bargain by any standards!

With Cheap Cheap, overseas calls start from just 0.5p a minute, with loads of destinations just 1p – even if you’re making a call to a mobile or from a mobile.

And, just in time for the holidays, we’ve managed to make some of our call rates even Cheap Cheap cheaper…

Belgium Mobile now just 1.5p a minute
Brazil Mobile now just 3p a minute
Cambodia now just 2.5p a minute
Cambodia Mobile now just 2.5p a minute
India Mobile Now just 1p a minute
Italy now just 1p a minute
Malawi now just 5p a minute
Morocco now just 1p a minute
Mozambique Mobile now just 4p a minute
Myanmar now just 10p a minute
New Zealand Mobile now just 2.5p a minute
Spain Mobile now just 1.5p a minute


Find all our latest Cheap Cheap call rates here


And if you’re up to your elbows in the Turkey or racing around like a loonie doing the last-minute shopping you swore you’d never do again, rest assured that using Cheap Cheap is as easy as pulling a cracker.

To call from a landline, you just dial the Cheap Cheap access code before your normal number. To use a mobile, just buy some Cheap Cheap credit and off you go.

Just go the main website, click on the country you want to call and it’s all explained for you in glorious black and white.

Happy Christmas from everyone here at Cheap Cheap. And, in true cracker fashion, here’s a terrible joke to end the year with…

Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap


The Cheap Cheap Christmas Bird Joke:

Why did the orchestra ask the turkey to play percussion at the carol concert?

He was the only one with drumsticks.









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