Spring is in the air, an election’s in the offing, and more mega price reductions are in store for Cheap Cheap mobile customers.

To make a Cheap Cheap call from your mobile to any of our international destinations – whether you’re calling an international landline or a mobile – you just buy a fiver’s worth of calling credit by sending us a quick text and we’ll instantly send you a PIN by return text.

Then, whenever you want to have a stunningly Cheap Cheap chat to China or Chicago, Sydney or Slovakia, Paris or Polynesia, just dial our access number from your mobile, enter your PIN and get clucking! Get the full how-to-do-it here.

Wherever you’re calling, you’ll be paying a tiny fraction of what you’d normally expect to pay if you were using your mobile network’s system. We just send your call round the Cheap Cheap internet network instead saving you a simply staggering amount.

For example, here are a few of this month’s brand-new price cuts…

Brazil…down to 1p a minute

Bulgaria…down to 1p a minute

Chile mobiles…down to 1p a minute

China mobiles…down to 1p a minute

Denmark mobiles…also down to 1p a minute

French Guiana mobiles…down to 5p a minute

Germany mobiles…down to 2p a minute

Italy landlines…down to 1p a minute

Latvia mobiles…down to 1.5p a minute

Mexico…down to 1p a minute

Pakistan mobiles…down to 6p a minute

For the whole lot, just click through to the main website here. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s shockingly Cheap Cheap with Cheap Cheap mobile calls.


Robin James
Managing Director
Cheap Cheap Calls


The Chortlesome Cheap Cheap Bird Joke of the Month

Which side of a swan has the most feathers?

The outside, of course!


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