I know what’s it like when you get a new mobile. You want to press all those shiny buttons, click on all those brilliant apps, and generally lose yourself in digital heaven. Trouble is, if you’re phoning round the world to say ‘Happy Nooooooooooooo Year!’ to all your overseas mates you’ll feel a lot less happy when your bill comes in.

But only if you’re using the big networks’ own international systems. To be honest, you’d be crazy to use O2, EE, T-Mobile, 3, Vodafone or any of the big boys for your international calls from a mobile when, by using Cheap Cheap’s ‘calling card’ service, you can slash the cost of every call to a tiny fraction of the ripoff rates the big networks will charge you. (By the way, Virgin users can’t access our service at the mo. Sorry. L)

And to make it even Cheap Cheap Cheaper to call with Cheap Cheap, we’ve managed to pull down the cost to an extra load of destinations for New Year 2015. Here’s a quick selection for you to get your beak into…

  New per minute cost (pence)
Angola 6
Angola Mobile 6
Bangladesh 2.5
Bangladesh Mobile 2.5
Croatia Mobile 7
Fiji 15
Fiji Mobile 15
Iceland Mobile 3
Ireland Mobile 7
Ivory Coast 20
Jordan Mobile 10
Kazakhstan Mobile 7
Malta Mobile 3
Myanmar 18
Myanmar Mobile 18
Panama 3
Panama Mobile 12
Peru Mobile 7
Slovakia Mobile 10
South Africa Mobile 3
Swaziland Mobile 12
Taiwan Mobile 9
Uzbekistan Mobile 5
Vietnam Mobile 7

To see all the latest per minute rates, click here

Want to get quacking (and seriously saving)?

1. Text SAVE to 68888. You’ll be charged £5 which puts a fiver’s worth of credit on your phone.

2. You’ll get an instant text reply with a PIN number.

3. To make an international call, dial 01613 28 28 20. These calls are usually included in your monthly minutes, or are charged at the network’s standard rate.

4. You’ll now hear your ‘calling card’ balance – how much of your £5 is left to spend.

5. Dial your international number beginning with 00 in the normal way. Chat. Save. Smile.

6. Make sure you use your fiver within 60 days. When it runs out, just send another SAVE text as in step one. Easy.

How do we make it so incredibly Cheap Cheap?

Simple.  We divert your international call round the Cheap Cheap internet network – completing missing out  the mobile operators’  stupidly expensive satellite one – and give all the savings to our lovely – and very sensible – customers. Like you!

When you use a Cheap Cheap Calling Card from your mobile, the price per minute rates shown here apply ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  So if you’re itching to share our slightly hilarious New Year Bird Joke with your chums, you can do it as soon as your sides stop shaking!

Meanwhile, Flappy New Year from all the team at Cheap Cheap.

Robin James

MD Cheap Cheap

The Cheap Cheap New Year Bird Joke

Who nicked the soap out of your bath?
The robber duck, of course!

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