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  • Local and Freefone Access Numbers
  • No PINS
  • Create Speed Dials
  • Credit Never Expires, and No Hidden Charges
  • No Credit Checks

Charging Information:

  • Calls are charged per minute
  • Each call is subject to a 5p connection fee
  • Using Freephone Access incurs a surcharge of 1p/min from landlines and 3p/min from mobiles.

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When it comes to making cheap calls to Spain, Cheap Cheap Calls has got it sorted. Our super low rates start at just 13p per minute to a Spanish landline, and as little as 2p per minute to a Spanish mobile. These are just a couple of reasons why more and more people are flocking to Cheap Cheap Calls for their international calls!

Super Cheap Calls Straight to Spain

We believe calls to Spain needn’t be complicated. That’s why we’ve taken the stress (and cost) out of international calls, and instead we’ve given you a range of super simple options.

If you need to make a call to Spain from your landline straight away for example, simply call our international access number, followed by the Spanish phone number including the international dialling code (0034 for Spain) and you’ll be talking in no time!

The best bit is you’ll be charged through your landline telephone bill, so there’s no PIN numbers, passwords or accounts to set up. Simple!

Calling on the move

We understand that you’re not always chained to your desk or your home, and sometimes it’s easier to make an international call or two from your mobile phone. To make international calls on the move as simple as possible, we’ve designed an outstanding top up by phone service, without the faff of PIN numbers, passwords or sign-ins.

All it takes to create your account is to call 090 4446 3333. Calls to this number cost £5 (plus your phone provider’s access charge) and will buy you £5 of international calling credit. Once you’ve done this you can call the number in Spain for 20p per minute.

The process of calling the Spain from here onwards is just the same as dialling from your landline; simply dial our access number, 0161 328 2820 followed by the Spanish number including the international dialling code of 0034.

Because you’ve prepaid you won’t receive any unexpected bills; perfect if you like to keep an eye on your spending.

What’s the Catch when using Cheap Cheap Calls to Call Spain?

There isn’t one! Your credit will never expire and it can be used to call any destination, at any time of day or night, 365 days a year! There’s no monthly fees or hidden charges, no PIN codes and no annoying credit checks, just super simple, low cost calls to Spain and beyond! You’re always in control of your spending and we update our prices each month to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal on all your international calls!

Start saving today!

When you’re ready to start saving on your calls to Spain, simply dial 0161 328 2831 to connect to either a Spanish landline or mobile. By using Cheap Cheap Calls to call Spain you’ll be saving up to 47p per minute compared to using a BT landline – that’s a whopping £60 every hour!

Cheap Cheap Calls to Spain

Make a Cheap Cheap Call to Spain from your mobile for just 20p a minute

  1. Dial: 090 4446 3333 to buy £5 top up credit – total cost £5.00 (plus your phone provider’s access charge). This will give you £5.00 worth of international calls per our tariff.
  2. Now call 01613 28 28 20 followed by the international number starting with 00.

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At home, on the go, there’s no limits with CheapCheap!

We understand that you’re not always fixed to one spot, so we believe that your international call provider should fit around you, not the other way round. We’ve developed a brilliant new service which means you can make super cheap international calls from ANY UK PHONE! There’s no faffing or forms to fill out, so you can start calling your friends and family in far flung destinations right away!

Start saving right now!

How cheaply we hear you ask? Take a look at these beauties: call Australia from your mobile from 2.5p a minute, USA from 1.5p, Canada from 1.5p, India from 2.5p, Thailand from 2.5p, Bangladesh from 2p and UAE from 18p.

Sounds incredible, right? Well, compare it to calling direct through BT and you could save a whopping £60 an hour thanks to CheapCheap! Yes, £60 an hour! And thanks to this fantastic new service, you can save a bundle on your international calls from your home, office, car, whilst on the train or even on as you’re taking your dog for a walk!

So how do I access this great new service?

It’s really simple. All you need to do is dial 090 4446 3333 - you’ll hear a brief thank you message along with your unique PIN. This call will cost you £5 plus your phone provider’s access charge and will give you £5 worth of credit. Now, call 0161 328 2820 from ANY UK PHONE - once you’ve entered your PIN you’ll hear your remaining balance, before being prompted to enter the number you’d like to reach. That’s it!

Once you’ve used up all of your credit, simply dial 090 4446 3333 again to top up by another £5. Want to know something really cool? If you use the same phone to call abroad as you did to top up, you won’t need to remember your PIN thanks to our clever CLI recognition system! Result!

Popular destinations

Click here to find out the cost of calling all destinations, or here to view our FAQs.

Terms and conditions

Service provider: Planet Numbers Ltd. Calls to the 0904 number cost £5 + your phone company's access charge. There is a 5p connection fee on each call. Credit expires after 60 days. Calls to 01 numbers cost UK standard rate unless used within inclusive minutes Calls charged per minute and apply from the moment of connection. Calls to international premium rate services may cost considerably more than advertised rate if dialled from mobile.

Cheap Cheap Calls to Spain

A Cheap Cheap Call to Spain costs 13p a minute from your landline 24/7

Talk for an hour and it’s £28.20 cheap cheap cheaper than with BT who charge 60p a minute! To make a Cheap Cheap Call to Spain now, dial 0913 304 3333.

  • Calls to Landlines 0913 304 3333 - 13p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge
  • Calls to Mobiles 0843 716 3333 - 2p/min plus your phone provider’s access charge

A Call to Spain costs 13p a minute from you UK landline, 24/7

(plus your phone provider’s access charge)

Use Cheap Cheap Calls to call your friends and family in Spain and you can save a huge amount on every single call.

You can make huge savings on calls to Spanish landlines and you can also make fantastic savings when you use Cheap Cheap to call a Spanish mobile, too.

For example, if you choose Cheap Cheap to call Spain from a UK landline and you chat for an hour, it’s £28.20 cheaper than with BT who will currently charge you an eye-watering 60p a minute! But all you need to do to make a Cheap Call to Spain right now, is dial 0913 304 3333 before your normal Spanish number.

To make Cheap Calls to Spain from a UK landline dial 0913 304 3333 + 0034 + local number

Cheap calls to Spain from a UK landline will cost you just 13p a minute (plus your phone provider’s access charge) – any time, and day, all year round. That’s 47p a minute cheap cheap cheaper than calling Spain from a UK landline using BT’s service.

It’s really easy to make Cheap Cheap international calls to Spain from your landline. Here’s how:

  • Instead of just dialling the overseas number, call 0913 304 3333 first
  • Once connected you’ll hear a quick greeting, and then another dial tone
  • Now dial the full Spanish phone number you wish to reach starting with 0034 as usual

So, if you want to make a Cheap Cheap call from a UK landline to Barcelona, for example, first you need to dial 0913 304 3333 followed by 0034 and the local phone number.

  • When you’ve finished chatting just put the phone down in the usual way
  • On your bill, the number for the Spain call appears as 0913 304 3333.
  • You’ll simply notice how unbelievably cheap cheap cheaper the call was than what you’d normally expect to pay when you call Spain!

Cheap Cheap Calls to Spanish Mobiles too

To make cheap cheap calls to Spain mobiles from a UK landline, dial 0843 716 3333, then 0034 followed by the full Spanish mobile number you wish to call. Calls to 0843 716 3333 from a UK landline cost just 2p per minute at all times (plus your phone provider’s access charge).

How do we bring you such cheap cheap call rates to Spain?

It’s simple really. We divert your calls around our international internet network, so we don’t have to use the hugely expensive networks owned by the likes of BT. So whether you make a cheap cheap call to a Spanish landline or to an Spain mobile, and whether you’re calling from your UK landline or a UK mobile, you can make huge, huge savings.

With Cheap Cheap international calls to Spain from your landline or from your mobile, there are no hidden costs or fees—all you have to remember is the Cheap Cheap number to dial before you dial the Spanish number as usual. Totally easy and totally cheap cheap cheap!

Area codes for Spain

Area NameArea Code
Badajoz824, 924
Cadiz856, 956
Castellon de la Plana964
Ciudad Real926
Gerona872, 972
Granada858, 958
Jerez de la Frontera956
La Coruna881, 981
Las Palmas828, 928
Lerida873, 973
Lorca (Marcia)968
Madrid911, 912, 914, 916-918
Mobile6, 700, 704
Murcia868, 968
Malaga951, 952
Palma de Mallorca971
Pontevedra886, 986
San Feliu de Llobregat93
San Sebastian943
Santa Cruz de Tenerife922
Santiago de Compostela981
Sevilla954, 955
Tarragona877, 977
Tenerife822, 922
Valencia960-963, 965, 966
Zaragoza876, 976

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